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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is how we tell search engines which keywords should display your website in the top 10 results.

Find out more about your SEO

Learn where your dealership is successful and where you need to improve.

Here's How SEO Can Get actual results

You get results from SEO only when your website offers
content relevant and useful to the actual searches of users.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


Local SEO
Map Listings


If you have many competitors nearby then SEO is especially important
for your dealership because you are all going after the same customers.

Are you protecting your territory?

Searches for your dealership name by users looking for your website


Searches that include your make and the location of your dealership

You should be dominating the results page for common searches like these!

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Are your local listings optimized?

  • Google and other sites use local listings to verify your business is real.
  • Local search engine listings should be claimed, completed, and up to date.
    ex. google business, bing local
  • All of your local listings and citations should be consistent and high-quality.
  • Local SEO is a major factor in where your dealership ranks in the map listings.
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Here's how Autofusion can help!

Targeted Landing Pages

Custom pages for each city you target and each new vehicle model that you sell.

Unique & Professional Content

Content that we produce is written specifically for your dealership.

Local SEO

We claim and optimize all your listings for you.

Search Engine Traffic Report

See exactly how many organic visits you get from search engines to see the results of your SEO.

Fully Compliant SEO

If your make has compliance then we regularly submit your website to compliance for approval.

Monthly SEO Report

See your keyword rankings each month and watch your reach increase.

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